I stand for equality and freedom of choice.

I believe in every individuals right to choose who they want to have relationships with and what they want from the relationship.

Human nature is to judge what we don’t understand; and relationships that do not fit the conventional image of two adults, in love with each other, are often portrayed and viewed in a negative light. Society is progressing and acceptance is growing, with adverts and popular television shows featuring LGBT relationships and transgender individuals. The series about Jazz was a wonderful, positive example of a girl who is transgender, her struggles and her determination to improve understanding and promote equality for all.

Sex workers have also begun to be represented in a different way, as empowered and in control of their choices and not victims of circumstance! As a writer and bisexual woman, passionate about acceptance and equality for all; I have noticed a distinct lack of bisexual characters in the erotic fiction genre. After the huge success of the Fifty Shades series I felt it was time for a novel featuring a main character who is exploring the world of alternative relationships and discovering her bisexuality at the same time.

My life experiences have introduced me to many women in arrangements, otherwise known as contractual relationships. I wanted to write a novel that represented this kind of relationship and the people who choose it, in a different perspective, in the same way ‘Pretty Woman’ did back in the 90’s.

At the same time I wanted my website to be about more than myself and my novels. Promoting my own work gives me a valuable opportunity to support the LGBT community, sex workers and anyone effected by mental health issues and substance misuse. I also want to help promote a variety of self published authors of contemporary erotica and some independent representatives of products. I hope you find the information and links helpful, please feel free to send me suggestions for features to add to my blog. I would also love to add some real life stories into my blog. Please let me know if you would be willing to contribute  and you can add your own links onto the post, featuring your interview.

If you would like to read my first published novel please use the link below.
‘This is a work of fiction and with the exception of public figures, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental. The opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the authors. The methods described within this book are the authors personal thoughts. If you wish to apply any of the ideas contained in this book, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.’