It is the final day of January and a great time to think about how you want your year to progress.
Three steps to get you started.

Step One
Why it’s vital to feel regret

You can’t delete your life’s browsing history, reboot and start again. Emotions are our personal lessons and in order to grow, you need to embrace your emotions. Without regret there can be no acceptance of why you feel the way you do at any given time. Feeling regret is vital in order to motivate personal growth and gives you the opportunity to gain, internal feedback, about past behavior. When you accept regrettable past choices; you can use this to motivate yourself to push for further, corrective action. In turn this can lead to ways you can improve your future, life circumstances. Use your regret as a present stimulant that gives you the strength to consider your past behaviour and discover what you want from your life. Find your authentic self.

Step Two
Make some of your Goal fun!

My friend Amanda Sparks


shared her goals and her daughter’s goals, which I think are fabulous!

Ayla and I sat down today to make our goals for 2019.


1. Lose a tooth
2. Listen better
3. Be a good big sister
4. Go to the movies
5. Visit her pet lion Kisa
6. Play soccer
7. Go to the beach
8. Eat a lot of mac and cheese


1. Spread hemp awareness
2. Buy a new momma mobile
3. Practice yoga
4. Buy a home
5. Meditate
6. Be the tooth fairy
7. Read 20 new books

Step Three
Start a grateful journal, practicing feeling it will give you more positive power when things go wrong.  When you are able to develop a practice of generating gratitude, you can create the conditions needed to change your negativity into positivity. Having a pattern of positivity is a benefit to your life.


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