Valentines Day Cards – Not for everyone!

Ignoring Valentines day may be a choice some people make, however what happens  if your part of the LGBT community and you want to buy a card?


Yes, we all know there are companies that you can use to make your own card, which is fantastic if your organised, have access to the internet and a way to pay online. However if you want to go to a shop and you want a card that reflects you and the relationship you are in, your choices may be limited.


Significant progression has been made for equality, yet so many aspects of every day life, are still being overlooked! Valentines may not seem like an important enough event to highlight, yet it is celebrated around the world. Fostering equality, is about impacting every day opinions and when any part of a community are sidelined, it has a ripple effect on everything else. The increase in representation of the LGBT community in the media has contributed to acceptance yet there are still many important changes that
need to be made. As small as providing a range of Valentines cards for the LGBT community may seem; every representation that is publicly recognised, is a step towards an all inclusive society. This will in turn lead all individuals being viewed as equal regardless of sexual preference, gender, race or physical/mental wellness.

A few of my favourite cards and where to buy them are below, in case you still need to get one x  (I can’t guarantee they are available in the shops, although if you can order online, you may still have time.)

card_vday18_underthesea_mermaids_ppersonalised-quote-cards---rainbow-unicorn-_awife paperchase

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