Top 5 Makeup Tricks and Products for Transgender Women

The Power of Make Up – Discover Your Authentic Self

Make up can totally transform the way you look or be used to subtly enhance your features. Gender no longer determines who should wear makeup and may also be another way, to help you reaffirm your gender, if you are transgender or in the process of transitioning.

2. EYEBROWS – Choose a shape that mirrors your natural hair growth
3. EYES – Eye lashes are the key to opening eyes up – don’t be afraid to use fake lashes
4. LIPS – Define the shape with  lipliner, gloss or shimmer effects can enhance the size         and volume of lips.
5. CONTOURING – Consider your skin tone, only use a colour one shade darker and stay away from anything too red or orange, like most bronzers.


Psychology and the Impact of Makeup

Makeup has long been known to help boost confidence and improve self esteem, which then transfers through into other aspects of your life. Numerous studies have supported the belief that makeup can help to make someone feel more positive and lead to more successful interactions in both a personal and professional capacity.

One of the most interesting studies I have read was conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School, US, and the University of Chieti, Italy. This involved looking into the “lipstick effect” among 186 female undergraduate students.

The lipstick effect
The “lipstick effect” is a known psychological phenomenon in which wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost by making them feel more physically attractive, increasing feelings of self-esteem, attitude, and personality. However, a less well-known effect is that a boost in self-esteem can also boost cognitive abilities.

The Research
Female undergraduates were placed into different groups and given a series of tests to complete.
The tests consisted of answering multiple choice questions about a chapter from a general psychology textbook.
The three groups:
1. Asked to apply makeup
2. Listened to “a positive music excerpt”
3. Coloured a drawing of a human face

The aim was to prove that the undergraduates wearing makeup would experience the greatest boost in positive feelings and therefore would perform better in the tests than the other two groups.
The results showed as predicted, the undergraduates in the makeup group performed significantly better, than females in the other two groups.
The findings can be found published online in the journal Cogent Psychology.



Today is the final day of LGBT History Month and to celebrate, I am helping a friend host a special event on Face Book.
Whatever your gender or sexual preference you are very welcome to come along.
It would be fantastic to connect people, who can support each other, at this event.
Kayleigh will be happy to arrange a free of charge, personal, makeup consultation. This would be tailored to your specific requirements. Please don’t feel shy;  it would be fantastic to connect people, who can lift up and encourage each other at this event 💖7.30pm this evening 💖

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