My legs feel like jelly when I step off the plane. Following the other passengers to passport control, my butterflies are flapping about like crazy and when I pass my passport over, my hands are shaking. ‘Stop it’ I tell myself, starting a new mantra. ‘Just give him a chance’. I repeat it over and over in my head. I’m surprised I haven’t been stopped and searched, I must look nervous. My heart is beating relentlessly against my rib cage and my hands are so sweaty they slip on the handle of my case.



  1. Hello Sophie, I don’t know why but I think you may have blocked me on FB I’d appreciate if you could explain as im so confused to why you’ve suddenly blocked me. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you at any point that was not my intention. I thought we built a genuine relationship .

    I really hope to speak to you soon.
    Shine bright


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