Top 5 Holiday destinations where homosexuality remains illegal

It is abhorant and simply unbelievable that there are still numerous countries around the world that will persecute an individual for whom they choose to have a relationship with; yet homosexuality remains illegal in 75 countries.


Surprisingly there are many popular holiday destinations where homosexuality remains illegal, I have listed the top 5 below.




When planning where to go on holiday,  how do you make sure you will be safe and receive a warm welcome from the hotel, you are planning to stay at?
You could of course call the hotel yourself and ask, however it is unlikely you will get a ‘straight’ answer (excuse the pun).
You could ask your travel agent, if you are not booking yourself online, however again how likely are they to tell you if there have ever been any issues?
Yet there is an alternative way to make sure, you have the best holiday possible, that caters to your needs. Contact an ITA, you can even contact people who have already used them.

An ITA has to be extra careful when recommending and arranging holidays, there is no room for error. Unlike a large travel agency, an ITA can not litigate bad reviews with advertising and need to rely on their reputation. This is why an ITA will go out of their way to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. They will also have more time to check small details for you. Read, independent reviews, check any hotel rules or regulations and the best nearby places to visit, eat and enjoy yourself. Additionally by booking through an ITA you are helping an individual build their own business and helping someone find financial independence. I know for sure I prefer knowing that any commission is not going to a travel agency to make the ‘fat cats’ even richer,
when the travel agents try to live on their low salaries.

ITA’s can be located on social media, such as facebook or you can search on the Inteltravel site, the longest running company for ITA’s.